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Bemvindo ao meu blog Fique o quanto quiser, e participe da minha vida. Você sempre será BEMVINDO e espero que goste das minhas mensagens, quadrinhos, musica, fotos e receitas. Eu fico muito feliz em poder escrever o que acho da vida e compartilhar como estou lidando com ela.

Welcome to my blog. You can stay as much as you like and be part of my life. You will always be welcome. I hope you like it. Even though most of my readers speak portuguese, there will have a ittle something for you once in a while.

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Hi to everyone, all can understand me now - May be I can increase the number of hits

Hi to everyone, all can understand me now - May be I can increase the number of hits
Let me write a few words, for who can´t understand portuguese. This is my personal site, where I mostly let people know how I feel,and some of my opinions. Being a disabled person, I often write about that. Some times my topic of discussion is the Environment. After all I have a degree in Environmental science. Most often though I write normal daily events. Sometimes I joke, complain, become a philosofer or add something to entertain )


Hi everybody, Say hello to my friends !!! C & H. They come by to say hello, once in a while. Meus Amigos Calvin e Hobbes as vezes aparecem com suas brincadeiras e observações inteligentes

Chuck - Charlie Brown

Chuck - Charlie Brown
Meu amigo de infancia (childhood friends represented by) Charlie Brown aka Chuck. Oh boy!!! Good grief!!

quarta-feira, outubro 05, 2011

Letter to KANUK THE DOG - by Duda-Canadá. My pal.

To my version of men´s best friend.

you are a happy go lucky kind of guy. A dog with personality, smart  and very friendly. At the same time relaxed and quiet. you will turn 9 next month and I wanted to celebrate and honor you somehow. This is my way of doing this. I want to tell everyone about the times we spent together in front of the house, taking in some sun rays. I call and you come running all happy and agitated, tail waging and tongue sticking out and jumpind around. You them, lay down by the side of my wheelchair and makes me company, quietly. We must talk about your bread adiction.You are very cleaver, it is dificult to black mail with a bread treat, but it works. You can´t help yourself. There are also the times you are bad dog. My father gets very mad with the holes you dig and jumping in the swimming pool. you hide and wait for the dust to settle and them looks around to see if it safe, only then you show your friendly face again. I love you, you really are my best friend. Your friendly owner, DUDA

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