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Hi to everyone, all can understand me now - May be I can increase the number of hits

Hi to everyone, all can understand me now - May be I can increase the number of hits
Let me write a few words, for who can´t understand portuguese. This is my personal site, where I mostly let people know how I feel,and some of my opinions. Being a disabled person, I often write about that. Some times my topic of discussion is the Environment. After all I have a degree in Environmental science. Most often though I write normal daily events. Sometimes I joke, complain, become a philosofer or add something to entertain )


Hi everybody, Say hello to my friends !!! C & H. They come by to say hello, once in a while. Meus Amigos Calvin e Hobbes as vezes aparecem com suas brincadeiras e observações inteligentes

Chuck - Charlie Brown

Chuck - Charlie Brown
Meu amigo de infancia (childhood friends represented by) Charlie Brown aka Chuck. Oh boy!!! Good grief!!

terça-feira, fevereiro 08, 2011

aquela figura de pedra é um Inukshuk (rush cover)

The mysterious stone figures known as inuksuit can be found throughout the circumpolar world. Inukshuk, the singular of inuksuit, means "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language. They are monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path."

The Inuit make inuksuit in different forms for a variety of purposes: as navigation or directional aids, to mark a place of respect or memorial for a beloved person, or to indicate migration routes or places where fish can be found. Other similar stone structures were objects of veneration, signifying places of power or the abode of spirits. Although most inuksuit appear singly, sometimes they are arranged in sequences spanning great distances or are grouped to mark a specific place.

These sculptural forms are among the oldest and most important objects placed by humans upon the vast Arctic landscape and have become a familiar symbol of the Inuit and of their homeland. Inuit tradition forbids the destruction of inuksuit. An inukshuk (also known as inuksuk) is often venerated as symbolizing an ancestor who knew how to survive on the land in the traditional way. A familiar inukshuk is a welcome sight to a traveler on a featureless and forbidding landscape.

An inukshuk can be small or large, a single rock, several rocks balanced on each other, round boulders or flat. Built from whatever stones are at hand, each one is unique. The arrangement of stones indicates the purpose of the marker. The directions of arms or legs could indicate the direction of an open channel for navigation, or a valley for passage through the mountains. An inukshuk without arms, or with antlers affixed to it, would act as a marker for a cache of food.

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